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Trusted leadership development partner

Photo by Andreas Klassen

At Taylor Clarke, we are proud to be the trusted leadership development partner for many of our clients. We build long term relationships that enable us to understand context in which our client businesses are operating, and provide expertise to diagnose challenges and develop practical solutions to develop the capability of leaders. We bring:

  • A partnership approach – partnership is at the heart of how we work. We work collaboratively with our clients to produce solutions to our clients' issues and transfer our expertise to them

  • An objective perspective - as an external leadership development partner we provide an objective perspective which our clients find valuable to help them identify and address leadership challenges

  • Expertise and experience – we have a deep understanding of leadership principles and practices. Our team of consultants bring expertise and experience which ensure that the leadership development initiatives we deliver are based on proven methodologies

  • Improved leadership effectiveness – our goal is to enhance leadership effectiveness within our client’s organisations leading to improved organisational culture and performance and greater employee engagement and motivation

  • Range of approaches – we take a blended approach in our design of solutions aligned to the outcomes required. We may combine face to face and virtual delivery to deliver time effective solutions. Our interventions include a combination of approaches depending on client organisation needs, including: 360 feedback, MBTI or other psychometric assessments, group sessions, team coaching, one to one coaching, reflective practice, action learning and practical live work based assignments

  • Feedback tools – we design and administer 360 feedback approaches tailored to our client organisation’s needs and aligned to client’s specific leadership competencies

  • Psychometrics – we use tried and tested psychometrics such as MBTI assessments to enable leaders to develop a clearer sense of self awareness and awareness of others behavioural preferences which helps improve the ability of leaders to work effectively with others

  • Evaluation expertise – we support our clients to gather evaluation feedback both during delivery of initiatives and importantly, afterwards, to demonstrate impact on the leaders and the business

As leadership development partner for our clients, we bring a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support to help cultivate effective leadership capability, performance and organisational success.

If you would like to talk to one of our leadership development experts about how we may be able to support you and your business, please email to arrange a virtual conversation.


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