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Introducing our New Online Coaching Platform

Taylor Clarke celebrates turning 32 years old this year. Every day we are learning and re-inventing our products to bring the most value to those we work with.

In 2020, we have created our own online coaching platform to help us release the potential in people in a virtual environment.

We know online coaching is not new. Yet there has never been a tailored virtual solution for coaching.

It became apparent that consultants were only using current platforms because that is all that was available, not because these platforms met their needs when it came to delivering online sessions. Our platform benefits all stakeholders involved with coaching in a number of ways.

From our clients perspective:

  • Takes all the administrative hassle out of matching coachees and coaches and getting appointments set up - it’s all done by the platform,

  • View the progress of your coachees,

  • Receive insights into how much of your agreed budget has been spent

From a coachee perspective:

  • Choose your coach on the platform and get to know them before through a chemistry session,

  • Book sessions on the system,

  • View progress against your coaching goals and record a session to review later.

Our coaches benefit from using our platform in a number of ways:

  • Receive a report of all your online sessions for accreditation purposes,

  • Capture reflections on the system and use them for supervision sessions,

  • Sessions can also be recorded with coachee permission for accreditation purposes.

We have partnered with Hoolr Education to create a bespoke coaching solution that will bring value to our clients. Engaging with our associates and current coachees has given us a real insight into the needs and essentials to deliver online coaching in a meaningful way.

As a company that operates globally, we need to be able to provide value from anywhere

Every aspect of our platform has come from detailed feedback and partnership with our clients and associates. Subtle reminders of upcoming sessions, a flip chart like whiteboard and the ability to capture feedback from sessions allow us closely to replicate face to face interactions in an online environment. The ability for sessions to be tracked has also been beneficial to those coaches who are logging their coaching hours toward CPD or accreditation.

In a world in which we are all paying closer attention to our carbon footprints and the health risks associated with travelling, Taylor Clarke’s online coaching platform provides a timely solution.


If you would like to find out more about our online coaching platform please email or

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