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Creating a high performing team

High performing teams

We are often asked what leaders need to do to create high performing teams. “Strong teams are built on a strong foundation”, not only does this statement make sense, it is understandable, but what are the blocks that make the foundation strong that then build the team? Here are five of them:

Clarity of Vision - focussing on goals and outputs, if we truly understand the goal and the process to achieve the goal and aligning each team members outputs then we can trust the outcomes will be achieved. Too often focus is on the results but it is the journey that needs the focus. As the team’s complexity or environment changes the way the team works together needs to be considered.

Great communication – Understand each other, it is important that everyone is able to speak freely and understand the dynamics of the team. This includes active listening and being able to positively give and receive feedback. Psychological safety being paramount.

Leadership – the leader needs to have a good emotional intelligence – be balanced in their approach to key areas like customers, risks and stress. They need to set expectations and delegate well. They also need an understanding of the team dynamics, a strong roadmap, and an inspiring vision.

Everyone contributes –everyone is building knowledge, motivated and willing to do what is needed to be successful. Great performing teams do not always need the leader present, to make great progress and decisions.

They are well formed and have high standards – as a team they understand their roles and responsibilities and also what they stand for. Breaking this set of standards down to how you interact with others, deal with challenges and support non team members or customers is key to building these high standards. How the team is perceived by others can help them to the top of their game and attract positive attention and recruits.

For most leaders finding the time to do all this, getting it right and continuing to mould the team to the roadmap, and the vision to the organisational goals, with economic headwinds is challenging.

So, what is the solution? Well, there are a few but one key one, that is hugely underutilised, is Team Coaching.

Team Coaching helps the whole team meet their objectives by

  • Increasing productivity

  • Improving decision making

  • Stronger problem solving

  • True engagement within and out with the team

  • Support team dynamics and builds resilience, motivation, and communication.

Our approach at Taylor Clarke involves:

Discover – How you can improve, through analysis of the team, performance and understanding the root cause of any under or over delivery. Focussing on great practices as well as those that could improve.

Design – Help the team link the way they work to the success they crave. This focusses on the key elements and actions that could be taken to meet the Vision for the team and organisation.

Deliver – Experts supporting the team and the leader with great insight and follow through building momentum. Experts who have run teams, challenged performance and help countless individuals and teams.

Sustain – great follow up to check progress, adjust and deliver. With a strong focus on continuous improvement this is helping the team continue to make positive progress.

If you would like to take your team to the next level or are just curious to know more, please get in touch.

If you are interested in finding out about how Taylor Clarke can help you, then please get in touch with the Taylor Clarke team here


Nic Boyle

Nic Boyle

I have spent most of my career as a Senior Manager running large teams across Retail and Corporate focussed businesses. In addition, I have worked with many SME’s supporting them with leadership challenges, strategy and business progression. I am also an Executive Coach and practitioner in Emotional Intelligence.


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