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To win the Marketplace you must first win the workplace

Doug Conant, former CEO of the Campbells Soup Company led a highly successful business  turnaround. It reversed a decline in market value and improved not just the financial profile but the diversity and inclusion practices in the organisation, by focussing on the people in the workplace. His approach was ALL about people, about honouring and trusting his people.

Are you the cream of the soup or in the soup with your employees?

Honouring, what is that?

  • asking “how can I help”

  • striving to understand, before being understood

  • assuming good intentions

  • inspiring trust

We believe that great organisational leadership is fundamental to organisational success and are passionate about supporting you in developing yours. Why not contact us for an informal chat about honouring your people today, we are here to help!

Written by Taylor Clarke Associate Consultant and Coach Vicky Ross


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