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'Employees don’t leave companies, they leave people...'

Do your teams feel like they are being heard?

“It is said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave people”

- Dale Carnegie author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

This enduring and iconic quote is possibly even more relevant today as when Carnegie first made it. 

As we emerge from the pandemic into an ever more challenging and competitive world, what do you really know about your employees’ future career plans, especially those who now are working less visibly?

  • How are your people nurturing your talented employees?

  • What are your employees really thinking and feeling about working for your company?

  • Do they feel listened to and engaged?

  • Are they about to “jump ship”, leaving you high and dry, with deficits of expertise and expensive replacement costs?

We believe that great organisational leadership is fundamental to organisational success and are passionate about supporting you in developing yours and retaining your best people.  Don’t wait until your business is failing or talented people are leaving – the time to act is now.  Why not contact us for an informal chat today, we are ready to help!    Written by Taylor Clarke Associate Consultants and Coaches, Helen Cameron & Liz Gilchrist


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