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Women in Leadership: Presence & Impact

Taylor Clarke's next Women in Leadership session will take place on the 20th of March at House of an Art Lover in Glasgow. You can register for here

Aimed at:

Women in a senior management, leadership or professional advisor roles, within organisations or running your own business

You will benefit by:

  • Deepening your self-awareness of your 'presence' as a female leader; who you are and how you come across to others

  • Gaining confidence and self-belief to create the impact you want

  • Developing a greater ability to take up your leadership role in an authentic way

  • Achieving your professional goals through a greater ability to positively influence those you work with

The Workshop will cover:

  • Styles of leadership - Exploring the archetypal ways women lead

  • Presence and confidence in leadership - Understanding what presence is & consider how you show up

  • Language use and power - Raising awareness on the language you use & recognizing your own habitual responses

  • Adapting behaviour to have greater presence - Knowing where you are strong and where to make changes to have more impact. What to keep doing and/or stop doing.

  • Power of passion – Communicating with impact; practice and feedback.

This one day programme offers women a learning experience which:

  • Blends leadership theories and skills with women's life experiences

  • Harnesses the power of peer support and challenge in a conducive, women only learning environment

  • Provides a collaborative space for ideas and sharing perspectives

  • Extracted from our in-depth programme, it is part of the Leading in Relation to Others series.

You can register for this event here


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