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- Making a dramatic difference!

By Sue Briggs

The importance of safety in the way organisations operate and people behave is becoming increasingly CLEAR for many of the organisations we work with. We are often asked how to effectively engage people - both intellectually and emotionally - in discussion about Safety Culture and behaviour? How to illustrate the complexity of causation, the impact of leadership and the devastation of consequences?

An effective method is to use drama-based, facilitated workshops.

Dramatic scenarios are often based on real events in the personal or major accident hazard arenas and are a ‘high impact way’ of not only passing on learning but considering an organisation’s own vulnerabilities.

Drama can highlight the subtlest of messages contained in a conversation and the disconnects between what is said, what is done, what is measured and what is prioritised. Culture and behaviour come alive and there is a tangible, visible benchmark to help answer the question “Could this happen here?” and “What do I need to do to make sure that it doesn’t?”.

Drama-based workshops can also offer the opportunity for behavioural skills practise in areas such as coaching, influencing, listening and questioning. Skilled corporate actors give participants a chance to practise conversations and can offer specific, constructive and “live” feedback. It may be role-play, but not as you know it.

As a training tool, drama is powerful, effective and stays in the mind for a long time – “people are still talking about it” is a common piece of feedback months after the event itself.

And despite the importance and seriousness of the subject matter, it can also be fun! Fun learning in HSE, who would have thought it?

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