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A Big Shout Out to Taylor Clarke!

By Taylor Clarke Associate Consultant and Coach, Aileen O'Dwyer I joined Taylor Clarke approximately a year ago. This for me has been a very positive experience because Taylor Clarke offered something different, It’s the lovely warm caring energy, the essence of the authenticity that’s behind the colleagues I have met.

The 3 words I would use to describe my experience would be accepted, valued and safe.

This transition to a new career was challenging and overwhelming. I worried at times that I may not be good enough. Was I credible? If I spoke, would my opinion be relevant and welcomed?

Taylor Clarke invited me to take part in open collaboration with my peers where they allowed me to share my fears and receive guidance and support. I was given the opportunity to learn via CPD and sometime with a senior leader on a 1:1 basis where I was introduced to the values, culture, and purpose of the company and in a very welcoming environment allowed to express what I have to offer.

This greatly increased my confidence which makes me motivated to contribute more. It also increases my loyalty to Taylor Clarke which means I would recommend it to others.

I can honestly say that Taylor Clarke practice what they preach. Taylor Clarke is a company who care about their people, are principled and have made a huge difference to my life. I have been given the opportunity through collaboration with colleagues and associates to continue to develop and unlock my potential to become the best that I can be. I have been given this opportunity to grow and develop by peers and associates I have never met in person. We have only met on zoom. Yet over the course of this year, I have valued their professional support and guidance which has been insightful, pragmatic, and empathetic. But most importantly where I was valued and treated with respect. So, I intend to 'Stick' around!

True education, true leadership and true management is about leading, supporting, and guiding others to lead themselves. Leadership as Presence, as Compassion and as curiosity. Taylor Clarke is passionate about supporting you implement great leadership.

How confident are you that your employees are totally engaged to bring the best of themselves to your workplace each day and they would recommend you to others?

The time is to act now.

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