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Team Development

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We work with teams at all levels to analyse and improve team dynamics. We sensitively seek to align the needs of the team leader, team members and the organisation, working across the whole spectrum of functional, project, and virtual teams as well as multi-organisation partnerships. The focus is on enabling the teams to work as productively as possible. Our approach brings immediate improvements that have a lasting impact.


Taylor Clarke specialise in helping teams exceed their potential.


Key to this is to help managers become better team leaders through realising the impact their style has on their team and expanding their range of tactics when dealing with difficulties.


We facilitate teams in a safe, guided way; helping them to face up to their issues, be open, and work through difficulties and conflicts. This can either be through tailored team interventions, team coaching or process consultation.​

Team Interventions

We help teams find answers for themselves; working in collaboration to find the best way forward for them, rather than imposing solutions. We help individuals raise their awareness of how they respond in a team and create a safe climate to allow free thoughts and feelings.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching involves applying the principles of coaching, to a team. The Team Coach typically works with the team over a period of time, supporting them to increase their effectiveness as a team. Finally, by facilitating the team to ‘learn how to learn’ the Coach leaves them with the added capacity to continue their learning without the need of an external coach or facilitator.

Process Consultation

Process Consultation involves one of our facilitators observing the project group in their meetings. The facilitator – who is an expert in group process and team dynamics – provides live ‘in the moment’ feedback to the group to help them identify the attitudes and behaviours that are helping or hindering the group’s success; raise awareness of and question the rationale for what the group are and are not attending to; and enables the group to surface any undisclosed assumptions that are impacting their ability to effectively manage the project.

It is important to say that process consultation is always done in the service of a business related activity and should therefore be seen as a business improvement tool.


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