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Building partnerships with our clients to jointly discover, create, implement and evaluate behavioural science interventions that enable organisations to change and flourish

Organisation Development

We offer a responsive and collaborative approach to consulting with organisations to bring about meaningful and sustainable change – placing people at the heart of discovering and implementing lasting solutions.


Our 4 step Organisational Development Model, outlined, provides a framework for understanding our approach.  We tailor all of our work to be responsive to your specific needs based on the nature of the challenge(s) you are dealing with and what will be culturally appropriate as a solution.


We begin with a Discovery Phase. This phase is critical for developing an in-depth, shared understanding of current problems/challenges facing your organisation, unit/department, or team.


Once the join discovery process has been completed, we then work closely with you to co-create the solution(s) – we recognise that you bring your deep knowledge of the organisation and your context and we bring our expertise in group dynamics, facilitated learning, leadership/management, culture and change management.  At this stage we also seek to determine the evaluation criteria for the work that we’ll do and then we move into the implementation stage before we evaluate the outcomes with you.


At all time, we work collaboratively with you ensuring that you always retain a sense of ownership of the work

Contract upfront with your about the work and clarify the respective roles and responsibilities for the work between you (the client) and us (consultant(s)).


Form a backstage group made up of 4-6 representatives (depending on size of function/organisation) to work with the consultants to gather/analyse organisational data and help design carefully crafted interventions.


Convene regular conversations with the department/organisational leader(s) to make sure all issues and concerns are being worked through as they arise.


Trust you the client to find your own solutions with our support


This approach, we believe, leaves you better equipped to face future challenges on your own.

At all time, we work collaboratively with you ensuring that you always retain a sense of ownership of the work.

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For more information about Organisational Development please contact us​

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