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Strategy Development Facilitation

We believe that good strategy is developed by people having good strategic conversations. It is only when senior teams allow themselves the time and space out of the day to day management of the organisation that they can really attend to the bigger picture and future direction of the firm.


Our strategy facilitators are highly experienced in working with top teams to facilitate strategic conversations whether an organisation is going through a radical repositioning in the market place or making incremental steps along an already established trajectory.


We are also experienced in facilitating Scenario Planning exercises. Scenario Planning is an approach to scanning the external environment that enables leaders to anticipate issues that may have a profound impact on the business and then proactively plan for them. Done well, it can provide the ultimate competitive advantage for the organisation.

Scenario Planning

  • ​Harness organisational insight

  • ​Develop an in-depth and ongoing knowledge of the business environment

  • ​Provide and early warning systems for issues that may have an impact on your business​

  • ​Rehearse the potential impact of variables on any given situation

Strategy Facilitation

  • Quickly enables a group to shift from near-term operational thinking to long-term possibility thinking

  • Provides a process guide for senior executives as they engage in strategic conversations

  • Encourages the participation and invovlement of all perspectives in the room

For more information about Scenario Planning and Strategy Development please contact us​

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