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Helping leaders examine where they are now in terms of their own safety leadership behaviours (via data gathered from their own business units)'

Building a safety culture that enables your safety management system to work as it should

Safety Leadership

We offer:

10+ years track record in high hazard sectors

Ability to engage your top team, leaders & managers

Leadership and culture in service of making your safety management system work


We all know that leader’s actions and attitudes shape culture.  We also know that the right culture makes the right safety management systems work as they were intended.  The Safety Leadership Programmes we have developed with senior leaders in our client organisations help them define the culture they wish to create, identify what  behaviours and attitudes they personally need to role model and equip them with a number of practical tools and actions that make a real difference.  The leaders we work with know (and the research backs this up), that companies with a generative safety culture produce the best safety performance.  We work with our clients across the globe to take meaningful steps towards creating a generative culture that is:-

Informed – leaders genuinely listen to workers, and know what is going on because people at all levels are prepared to give and receive feedback = both positive and negative


Mindful – leaders know that even the best safety systems have gaps – by constantly looking for weak signals, leaders can find and address these gaps


Learning – lessons are learned and acted on across different parts of the organisation


Fairness – expectations are clear and leaders are careful to ensure that a ‘no blame’ approach is put in place


Respectful – ideas are sought out and given proper consideration; workers report that leaders treat them with dignity and with sensitivity to the local culture


In this type of safety culture leaders know that what is good for safety is good for business.  They know that a successful business is a safe one


We have designed and delivered programmes for senior executives and also initiatives that engage line managers and supervisors


Our impact evaluations show that, to achieve maximum impact, leaders must make personal commitments to action and ensure that these are systematically reviewed as part of the safety management system

Our approach

  • Ensuring each leader is clear on how the Company’s Vision for HSE integrates with the business strategy and their own role as safety leaders

  • Helping leaders examine where they are now in terms of their own safety leadership behaviours (via data gathered from their own business units)

  • Equipping leaders with a range of tools and techniques to help them be more effective safety leaders

  • Helping leaders consider how their actions feed into, and can be tracked, in terms of process and personal safety measures

  • Running a safety Leadership programme represents a major opportunity to gather insights and data on safety issues throughout the organisation

  • When teams who work together attend as an inact team, the greatest momentum for action and commitment to change is achieved


We recognise that leaders attending an SLP is not a one-off solution. The most effective implementation requires reinforcement, across the whole organisation, with follow up activities and links into on-going HSE and business initiatives, to ensure that the desired generative safety culture is created and sustained

For more information about our Safety Leadership Programmes please contact us

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