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"This programme is one of the best courses I have taken in my entire professional life, it has helped me to know me better and to understand others (even my close family). Excellent programme!"

First line manager, Wood Group

Leadership & Management 

We have the capacity and expertise to deliver a wide range of programmes that are tailored to address needs ranging from realising a new strategy, developing talents for more senior positions or to help managers with a technical background to move into people manager roles.  Solutions we offer are typically blended learning programmes with workshops, team assignments, coaching, 360 and psychometrics.


We help people discover the impact their leadership style has on others and specific changes they can make to become more effective.  We work with the self limiting beliefs people hold and tailor ways to help them develop more empowering beliefs and behaviours.  We help people to develop the skills they lack, the knowledge they want and the behaviours they need.


Leadership and management development focuses on an organisation’s key people; those who can release the potential in the organisation.  We work with them, listening and adapt to them as individuals.  Our development programmes use facilitated learning; working with participants’ existing knowledge and experience.

Our approach


Our courses are characterised by an interactive and practical approach with the following elements:

  • Facilitated adult learning – providing space to question and challenge new ideas and concepts and the relevance of these to their own situations

  • Practical sessions with peer and facilitator feedback

  • Focus on real life problems and solutions, support and challenge

  • Links to and impacts organisation strategy

  • Discussion not ‘lectures’

  • Recognising different learning styles

  • Facilitation not ‘sage on the stage’ training

  • Commitment to each individual’s needs and developments

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In our programme design we underpin the content above with the programme process below:

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For more information about Leadership Management & Development please contact us

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