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Change is not a one size fits all “We will help you make sense of your situation - so we address the right issues for you”

Change Management

Organisational Change and Development is critical for any organisation to improve performance within a rapidly changing environment. In 2015 a survey by Boston Consulting Group suggested 85% of businesses have attempted some kind of major business transformation in the last 10 years. Alarmingly, 75% of those report that they fail to deliver the improvements that the change was intended to deliver.


Our belief is that the pace of change set to increase, due to increasing digitalisation, the impact and reach of social media and the turbulent business / socio political environment. This is why Taylor Clarke believe that it is so important to help our clients take care of organisational change and development and make it a success.

Why Choose Taylor Clarke?

We know where to pay attention. By using our Releasing Potential for Change Model we can help you to diagnose where you are and help you lead your business to where you want to get to. The model has been developed from thirty years of working alongside leaders and senior executives. Also, we understand the hidden elements that relate to the human psychology of change that can so often delay or even de-rail even the best designed change programmes.


​At Taylor Clarke our core purpose is to create the moments that release your potential. Our beliefs about how to do this when we talk about organisational change can be summarised as follows: 

Core Beliefs about Change

We sit alongside and coach senior managers and leadership teams 

     “We will help you to take care of change”

We draw on our experience 

     “We can tell you about what we have done before”

We provide a simple way to get started 

     “Managing change is complex so will work with you (and not do this to you)”

We will challenge you to help you succeed

      “Our brutal honesty makes the difference”

Your situation is unique and the key to success lies within your business

     “We will facilitate the conversations that matter for you”

Change is not a one size fits all

     “We will help you make sense of your situation - so we address the right issues for you”

You need to capture people’s heart and minds to succeed 

     “We believe that change is only successful when you build engagement and commitment in the people affected by that change”

Psychology helps us expose the human side of change 
    “Resistance is a normal and healthy psychological reaction to change and needs to be encouraged and worked with not ignored or suppressed”

Our Realising Potential for Change Model


6 Change Engagement Framework Steps

Around the outside there is a framework of steps.  These are updated from the work of John Kotter, Caryl Connor et al., as a parallel process to support any organisational change project.  These 6 steps guide leaders on where to direct their organisational activities, starting with articulating the Compelling Purpose (why is the new system required and the benefits will bring) and working round each stage to Embedding Behaviours (specifically what new behaviours to start, stop, do more or less of).  


This framework gives a structured and overt process for navigating change

4 Levers to Engage Hearts and Minds

At the core are the 4 essential ingredients for the engagement of hearts and minds in any change: 

We think: deals with what we know and the beliefs we hold

We can: focuses on our behaviours and abilities

We feel: addresses our motivation and commitment

We're allowed: relates to the organisation environment, climate & culture


These levers provide a focus to help successfully work with the hidden elements that relate to the human psychology of change.

For more information about Change Management please contact us​

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