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The 360 Feedback helped me find out about myself, getting to know how others see me and what impact my management style may have on others


360 Feedback

Online 360 Questionnaires

In Taylor Clarke, we have been devising and administering 360 feedback for clients for over 20 years.

We have our own on-line system that allows you to tailor your own version of 360 feedback to your specific needs.

We can supply you with a list of potential questions for you to choose from or we can work with you to develop questions that will follow your leadership framework, values, job description, etc.


Face to face and voice to voice 360

We also offer a more intensive 360 feedback that involves either 1 hour face to face interviews with the participants colleagues or shorter telephone interviews that explore the strengths and development needs of the participant.  These approaches are obviously very time intensive but the feedback is much richer, since we are able to explore why issues arise and how best the participant can apply strengths.  The examples brought out from this process are much less likely to be dismissed and our consultant who is giving the feedback can get a feel for how respondents are experiencing the participant from the way they respond to our questions.


For more information about using Taylor Clarke for 360 feedback please Contact Us

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