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Hogan Assessment


Hogan Assessment Systems are used globally and have 3 decades of success behind them helping businesses considerably reduce turnover and increase productivity. With the largest, most complete research in the industry, Hogan have set industry standards and are global leaders in assessments through their multi dimensional approach to personality assessments. Hogan Assessments Systems have become invaluable to leading organisations, independent professionals and consultancies supporting them with recruitment, developing key talent and evaluating leadership potential. Assessments are completed online so can be done any place, any time!

What we Provide

Hogan Assessment Systems publish 3 three inventories:

HPI (the ‘bright-side)

The Hogan Personality Inventory can give your organisation insights into how employees work, lead and how successful they will be. HPI highlights fundamental factors that distinguish personalities and predict career success.


HDS (the ‘dark-side’)

The Hogan Development Survey can help you to ‘discover your dark side’. The ‘dark-side’ personality is measured along 11 scales which reflect behaviours in response to stress and pressure. These behaviours can impede work relationships, hinder productivity, and limit overall career potential. By using HDS, dark-side personality can be recognised and mitigated before becoming too problematic.


MVPI (the ‘inside’)


The motives, Values, Preferences inventory assess the ‘inside’ personality. Core values, goals, drivers and interests are what we desire and will strive to accomplish. Therefore using the MVPI, we can see what motivates an employee to succeed, allowing us to predict what position, environment and job would be most productive.

We would be happy to hear from anyone interested in us carrying out these assessments and interpreting results in a feedback session.

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