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Recruitment & Selection

Whether you love or hate the above quote, the core principle holds true. Identifying those key factors that make for success, then reliably and accurately predict people who have the potential to be your future leaders and team members is key to your organisation’s future success. This is not only true from a cost benefit perspective (as recruitment can be an expensive activity), but also because improvements in your recruitment and selection processes will help cultivate the long terms values, motivation and fit that will strengthen and broaden your organisation’s culture, it’s sustainability and diversity - and hence it’s viability.

Taylor Clarke’s recruitment and selection services are aimed at any HR or people managers who want to review and improve the way they recruit and select staff. We can help you overcome the unconscious bias that all recruiters have and put in place processes and tools such as: structured interviews; psychometric tests and assessment centres to create a user friendly, consistent and valuable recruitment process.


This benefits your organisation by identifying those who have the right skills, motivation and values i.e. talent. It also makes sure your reputation as a business is maintained or even enhanced by everyone, especially unsuccessful recruits through the experience they have, and how they talk about it or share it on social media.


Figures vary, however a typical cost to hire someone into an organisation is £30,000. Smart investment in a thorough process and tools can help reduce turnover and increase successful hires.

Our Approach

Taylor Clarke will help you to review and then create improvements in three broad areas:

  1. Identify the factors that make for success in the role or roles in question

  2. Design an assessment process that is both reliable and valid using best practise and optimising the budget that you have available

  3. Validate the recruitment process you create by collecting performance data to see what is working and where improvements can be made. Validation also helps analyse your ROI and justify the investment you make to key stakeholders within the business.

The main benefit will be demonstrated once the new processes are in place, and you find yourself along with your colleagues faced with making the difficult decision about who to recruit from a pool of talented potential future recruits, all of whom could more your business forward effectively.

If you would like more information about our Recruitment and Selection services please make an enquiry to have an initial conversation with one of our Duty Consultants 

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