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My journey on the ILM 7 coaching programme

By Vicky Ross, Transformative Leadership & Career Coaching

“In truth, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well; and nothing can be done well without attention.” Philip Dormer Stanhope

Prior to starting my coach training with Taylor Clarke in 2020, I must admit I was feeling a bit rudderless. For 20+ years I had been coaching and supporting individuals through career transition and with voluntary and compulsory redundancy and frankly I was ready for a new challenge.

When I discovered there was an MLitt course in Fantasy Literature at Glasgow University therefore, I got very excited! I subsequently decided that I might not have the staying power for that and what I really needed was some sort of vehicle to carry me forward. Co-incidentally around the same time, Laurence Clarke of Taylor Clarke mentioned to me that there were spaces available on the ILM 7 course they were running and asked if I would be interested in being part of the next cohort.

I had a conversation with Taylor Clarke about the ILM 7 Programme and their insight helped me appreciate the various benefits of undertaking this training in helping me move forward with my life and career.

Professionally there many benefits in working towards and gaining a coaching qualification:

  • The standard of the work you do

  • Client confidence and trust

  • Competence and confidence

  • Personal growth

For me, it was the personal growth arising from undertaking this ILM 7 coaching qualification that had most impact:

  • It increased my awareness of communication, language, personal and professional strengths, as well as areas to develop further.

  • It provided a supportive team, opportunities to learn, practice and reflect on all things coaching related.

  • It provided valuable feedback from others to help build confidence and learn.

  • It provided a structure and positivity.

If you are you currently working in senior management, OD, LD, or HR and looking to add executive coaching to your skill set and achieve a post-graduate equivalent qualification, or like me you are a coach looking to refresh or consolidate their experience and gain a formal qualification, then this programme is definitely for you.

Maybe you are curious about how coaching can be evaluated or what models are current? Or perhaps you are interested in positive approaches or virtual coaching? Maybe it’s feedback, ethics or practise that attract you? There is definitely something for everyone here.

The programme consists of:


  • Three 2-day virtual learning workshops-

  • Four 1-1 supervision sessions

  • Two written assignments, supported by tutorials

  • Peer group meetings

  • 4 conference calls with the programme lead

  • Two 3-hour workshops


  • Three 2-day virtual learning workshops-

  • Eight 1-1 supervision sessions

  • Two written assignments, supported by tutorials

  • Peer group meetings

  • 8 conference calls with the programme lead

  • Four 3-hour workshops

The programme carries an ILM Level 7 Qualification at Certificate or Diploma level.

In addition to providing a solid grounding in theory to compliment my existing set of skills, the course has given me a fresh perspective on myself, my learning and my coaching practice that I was looking for.

Taylor Clarke has an incredibly rich depth of experience supporting and releasing potential in people, so if you are ready to explore what kind of coach you are, how you are showing up with others, and where your strengths might best be applied, this may well be the course for you.


Vicky Ross, Transformative Leadership & Career Coaching

Vicky has over 25 years’ experience in organisational coaching, specialising in career management and transition. She has worked closely alongside many senior clients during times of change helping them to move forward usefully - personally, for the business and for the world. Her style is collaborative and consultative. She provides inspirational and up-beat, non-judgmental support and encourages resourcefulness, self-belief and a proactive approach. Vicky’s real strength lies in her capacity to sit together with clients and uncertainty and skilfully facilitate exploration and fresh new thinking.

If you would like to learn more about the ILM 7 in Executive Coaching programme please click here

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