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Leading Resilient Teams

3 hour interactive workshop

Adopting a proactive approach to leading teams to sustainable resilience has never been more vital, given the challenging times faced.

How resilient is your team?

How resilient are you as a leader?

How can you harness the contributions and potential of your team going forward in order that you achieve: 


  • Optimised team work

  • Change adaptability

  • Engagement & Wellbeing

  • Sustained performance

leading resilient teams

Harnessing Your Team’s Resilience for Sustained Performance


  • Team Resilience

  • The systemic benefits of resilience in teams

  • Resilient Leadership


  • Defining teams & resilience

  • Leading team resilience

  • Resilience Model & key components

Practice & Plan

  • Engage & experiment with actions to take

  • Plan for sustained performance


Pre- reading

Interactive and practical workshop

Learning application

"Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as compassion for others” -S Salzberg

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