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High Performance Culture

Co-created modular programme for leaders

Culture is often overlooked, misunderstood or superficially managed as a lever for performance.

Repositioning organisations to “bounce forward” from the lockdown environment into the emergent “new or better environment” will require radical new leadership thinking, strategies, business models and operating procedures. These will only align and change quickly enough if you also focus on cultural norms for ”how we do things round here”.

It’s not about bolting on new tools and processes to create additional work streams. This programme focuses on adapting existing approaches to ensure they fully support and accelerate the shift towards a more clearly diagnosed and intentionally selected cultural vision aligned with your strategy.

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The ‘what, why & how’ of shaping a culture for recovery


  • Employee Survey

  • Honest Conversations

  • Shared insight and focus

Compelling Vision

  • Aligned with strategy

  • Meaningful Values

  • Resilient and Agile



  • Shared expectations/beliefs

  • Common Language

  • Key Levers

  • Leadership Team consensus

  • 6 step “Road Map”

  • Integrated plan

  • Measurable outcomes


Flexible to suit your teams' context

6 X 2.5 hr modules

Co-created, facilitated approach

”We understand how culture drives performance and how to shape it from the top and build it from the bottom when we most need it”

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