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Handling Redundancies

3 hour virtual workshop

The announcement of workforce reduction, restructuring and redundancies brings uncertainty and stress to all involved, not just those who leave.  If not handled well the long term negative impact on line managers and survivor ‘sickness’ can risk future business success as the workforce health takes time to recover.


CIPD research suggests that as well as providing a transparent and fair process and support for leavers, building line manager confidence and capability line is crucial.



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Practical advice for supporting people through redundancies

Reactions to change

  • Stages of change

  • Supporting others

  • 1-to-1 conversations

Difficult conversations

  • How to deliver difficult messages

  • Handling emotions

Strengthening resilience

  • Assess your resiience strengths

  • Identify what you can control


Self assessment

Interactive workshop with practice

Follow up reference guides

" Structured, practical, helpful"​

"Feel better prepared for consultations"

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