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Action Learning

6 virtual half day sessions for leaders

An organisation’s ability to connect individuals, enhance decision making, and encourage learning without the need to meet face to face helps to foster a culture that values responsibility, taking action and learning.


Action Learning Sets provide structured reflection time to groups of peers to wrestle with the real challenges they face. Working at depth, using open questions, critical analysis and feedback this process opens up new avenues of thinking and action.  


Group based support for problem solving & lifelong learning

Principles of Action Learning

  • Focus on real issues

  • Adult Learning

  • Safe confidential environment

Individual Benefits

  • Developmental support and challenge

  • Hones listening and questioning skills

Organisational Benefits

  • Builds leadership capability

  • Supports change

  • Saves travel and other costs


Identify groups and goals

6 half day sessions in groups of 6

Evaluation and feedback

"We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”
  Anais Nin




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