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Understanding your Myers Briggs Type

3.5 hour Interactive Workshop

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator increases both self-awareness and understanding of others. It offers insights into personality differences that, when applied, allow the building of productive, harmonious relationships with the whole range of people you encounter at work. It is practical and interesting.


  • An iterative journey of learning and self-discovery

  • An explanation of the ways people prefer to work and why

  • Useful tactics to communicate and influence more effectively

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Smooth the path to remote working productivity & success

Increasing self-awareness

  • Learn about your own and others’ personality preferences

  • See difference as a positive

Understanding and adapting

  • Making conscious choices about ‘how’ to be when working with others

Delivering results

  • Maximise your own and others potential for collaboration


Pre- work online questionaire

Interactive ,informative workshop

Practical tips for appplying learning

"I've really enjoyed the input from others within the session, everyone's honesty has really helped give an insight into different 'types' "

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