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Trust in Teams

Trust in teams is widely recognised as fundamental in high performing teams. And yet, trust in teams is often misunderstood and unexplored. So how could you help create trust in your team to maximise potential and achieve results.


In this program help your team develop:


  • A greater understanding of trust

  • A shared language of trust in your team

  • Behaviour which build, break and develop trust in your team

trust in teams

3 hour interactive workshop

Develop the trust required in a high performing team


  • Peer experience

  • Organisational Models

  • Impact of trust in teams


  • Model for defining trust

  • Application of model in your team


  • Raising Awareness

  • Identifying behaviours

  • Planning ahead


Pre- session work

Interactive and practical workshop

Learning application

“Remember great team work begins by building trust”  – Patrick Lencioni

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