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The Art of Skillful Conversations

3 hour interactive workshop

Poet, author and public speaker, David Whyte, says ‘the conversation is not about the work, it is the work’ and yet we pay little attention to the quality of our conversations within the workplace.


The art of skilful conversations helps us:

  • Make sense of our work/world

  • Surface healthy disagreement

  • Develop consensus

  • Generate insight, sound decisions and purposeful action  

art of skillful conversation.png

Explore how you can increase the  impact of conversations in your workplace


  • Learn about how conversations generally work, how they often get stuck and what can help


  • Develop your ability to be more versatile in conversations


  • Prepare for important conversations

  • Gain valuable support through peer learning


Pre reading/ videos

Interactive and practical workshop

Learning application

"Good listening and good conversation skills take time and effort to develop and maintain”

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