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Regina Vogel

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: Ph.D., Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Co-Active Coach

Following a career in entrepreneurship and innovation, Regina has been coaching individuals and teams since 2016. A leadership coach, she supports individual leaders, helps teams to co-lead in sync, and organisations to mobilise leadership at all levels and unleash collaboration across divisions.

Her cross-cultural work experience and a keen interest in adult development and systems thinking inform Regina’s coaching and consulting approach.

Her coach clients appreciate Regina’s approach of creating an intimate, safe space with depth, compassion, and a good dose of humour before taking them out on a limb to boldly step into their vision and values in service of reaching their individual leadership goals and to lead and live intentionally, with ease, and confidence.

Regina has recently coached an executive team through a stuck organisation change process, and co-facilitated a large group conflict resolution process.

What she's passionate about? Unleashing change and innovation in organisations.

Regina Vogel

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