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Paul Starbuck

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: ICF PCC Accreditation; EMCC Senior Practitioner, ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring;

Paul’s passion for coaching stems from his innate desire to empower others and his drive to not only see others succeed but succeed with them. His greatest passion is leading his clients to recognise and embrace change as synthesis of growth and success.

This natural affinity for personal coaching and leadership development paved the way for an extraordinary, 35-year-long retail and healthcare leadership career. Working across the disciplines of HR, Finance, Operations, Property, Audit and large field team leadership, Paul consistently exceeded expectations and progressed to leadership roles. Throughout his career spearheaded complex cultural revolutions, strategic business transformations and overhauls of organisational structures to build collaborative, and high performing functions with robust financial controls and increasing revenues. The key to his success was his ability to build motivated teams and empower individuals to effectively translate the strategic vision into tangible commercial outcomes, while unlocking their potential to succeed.

This led him to start his own coaching career, specialising in tailoring coaching and mentoring programmes that focus on “executive growth through powerful and challenging conversations with a sprinkling of fun and simplicity on the way”.
His philosophy is simple, the bigger the change the greater the opportunity for personal growth and development.

By putting the client at the centre of the changes they want to make, Paul equips them with the leadership skills, executive capabilities, and personal confidence necessary to achieve their objectives. Whether its career transition, leadership development, strategic thinking or performance development Paul is dedicated to helping his clients excel.

Paul Starbuck

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