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Paul Roe

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: Ph.D (York) M.A. F.T.C.L. Advanced Diploma in Personal & Executive Coaching

Paul’s coaching practice is built on a lifetime in education. As an early school-leaver, he took leaving cert at night in his early 20’s, continuing his education in University College Dublin, University of Limerick and the University of York (Ph.D. in Collaborative Practice). Now, age 60, his appetite for learning and growth is undiminished.

He is extremely passionate about coaching; and is acutely aware of the challenges leaders face today in this age of complexity, with increased workloads and time pressures. As a developmental coach working also as a lecturer and a performer, he understands the demands and stresses involved in producing high-quality work in a range of environments. His clients include leaders in education, arts, and health.

Paul approaches coaching as a compassionate, empathic, and deeply respectful conversation. He works with clients to create a meaningful and empowering space to explore a broad range of interconnected issues related to work and personal life. A happy life is one that is balanced and integrated combining personal satisfaction and a healthy work ethos.

Paul Roe

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