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Nichola Lynagh

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: AOEC Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching, AoEC Accredited Professional Executive Coach, Advanced Diploma in Coaching for Wellbeing, ILm Level 5 -Coaching and Mentoring
Train the Trainer Programme in Trauma and Resiliency

Nichola is a highly effective facilitator, trainer and executive coach, with extensive experience in developing skills, and competencies within individuals and teams in the private, public and third sectors.

Nichola has ten years approximate of coaching at C-suite and Senior/ Middle Leaders in Education, Health, Finance and Third Sector

A highly relational coach/leadership consultant working with Leaders, and Teams. Nichola specialises in working with CEOs and Senior/Middle leaders to help them clarify their purpose, leverage their key relationships and build meaningful connectivity across their systems. Her passion is creating environments where groups of people do extraordinary things. She seeks to build on existing strengths, inspire and transform thinking and behaviours, connect people to the strategic vision and journey of the team or organisation, and challenge beliefs and capability to promote greater confidence and create lasting change.

She works from the philosophy of giving 'all she has got' in terms of energy, creative ideas, honesty, humour, commitment and willingness and my work is characterised by integrity and interpersonal sensitivity.

Her work is characterised by integrity and interpersonal sensitivity.

Nichola Lynagh

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