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Mark Adderley

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: MA (Cantab), MEng (Cantab), MBA, Diploma in Executive Coaching, Accredited Coach, FIOD, FCIPD

Mark is passionate about helping people and organisations reach their full potential and has been helping release potential in executives and senior teams over 20 years.

Combining extensive experience as a global HR and Transformation Director, hands on manager and now also a doctorate student, Mark brings a unique blend of experience, knowledge and expertise to bear on his consultancy and coaching interventions. He works primarily with senior management groups and individuals and is committed to effecting major positive change in organisations and people through strategy and leadership development, coaching and facilitation.

Mark has a strong belief in people and change, and an organisational and individual commitment to ‘enabling people to be the best they can’. He has seen the difference that well supported and developed people make to organisational performance. He has coached senior leaders to achieve higher levels of performance, personal satisfaction and wellbeing, through getting alongside, understanding, listening, questioning and supporting.

He uses his own and other models and tools in structured discussions, tailored to the individual, to help senior leaders to find their own solutions, increasing awareness, ownership and final outcomes.

Mark Adderley

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