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Mairi Maclean

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: Executive Coach: BA, MSc, PG Cert Executive Coaching (ILM 7) PG Cert Supervision, PG Dip Counselling, PG Dip Facilitation

Mairi began her coaching career while she was a Manager in the NHS. She noticed that having coaching conversations with staff helped leverage potential and created a good team spirit. She changed career to focus on coaching and facilitating management and leadership development programmes. She has a private practice and has also provided coaching to participants as part of leadership programmes for clients such as Scottish Government, Edinburgh University, Forestry and Land Scotland, Wood, Glasgow City Council, Oceaneering. Since the pandemic began, she has provided many hours of coaching to support leaders in the third sector: working with stress and resilience.

Mairi has a special interest in emotional and social intelligence, team working and organisational resilience. Her passion is to help managers and leaders create a thriving workplace by getting curious about themselves and the people they work with.

Mairi Maclean

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