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Lyle English

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: Certified Training Professional, Associate Certified Coach – Accredited through International Coaching Federation [ICF]

Lyle is passionate about helping managers become confident leaders and has been coaching various levels of management. He works with newly appointed managers, managers of managers and senior managers either as part of an organisation’s management development programme or in specific sites with the leadership team.

He provides coaching to help managers better understand their role as a leader, build better engaged teams, deal with day-to-day leadership challenges, clarify future career opportunities and being more self-aware.​

During the past 23 years Lyle has worked as an Associate Facilitator, Consultant & Coach for various local and international training providers. He works across a wide spectrum of sectors, typically working with first-time Team Leaders through to Middle Managers & SLTs. He has worked in some 16 countries.

Lyle English

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