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Bonnie Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Bonnie is driven by making a positive impact on places of work, for the people who work there. She values led and is committed to working with purpose and compassion to unlock potential in individuals and teams. She is passionate about the psychology of human communication and frequently speaks at conferences on a range of topics including:

- The Science of Kindness,
- Psychological Safety, Diversity of Thought,
- The Wellbeing Economy, Unconscious Bias, and Gender Diversity.

She particularly enjoys working with culture change through the lens of Psychological Safety in a systems thinking context

She has recently been involved in a range of research projects, including improving sector specific workplace culture, wellbeing, diversity & inclusion; all to help people and organisations thrive and prosper.

Outside of work, Bonnie’s interests include her horse and all things equestrian, mentoring young people and continuing her learning and research in the domains of peak performance, belonging and the development of antifragile mindsets and organisational performance and culture.

Bonnie Clarke

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