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Ann Kelly

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: Coach U Graduate, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified “Working Coach”, Certificate in Dr. Jean Houston’s “Social Artistry in Leadership”

Ann was a pioneer of coaching in Ireland. For the last 22 years, 80% of her coaching has been one to one with clients in person or on the phone. She has coached hundreds of clients for periods ranging from 3 months to 10+ years from Russia, USA, Europe and the UK.

Client range: artists, business owners, managers and senior executives and since 2017 school principals, deputy principals, school leadership teams and senior executives.

Ann says “I’ve watched the people I’ve coached make powerful choices for the better; felt their relief when they discover what is holding them back and enjoyed their surprise at how free they feel when they are true to themselves. The power is in having someone strong supporting you, championing you; seeing your potential, believing in you. You’re being challenged, made feel uncomfortable too if that’s what it takes so you’ll grow and be all you can be.”

Ann Kelly

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