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Andreas Zink

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: ACC (by ICF), Chartered FCIPD, Master in Adult Education, European Business Coach

Andreas is a global coach, consultant, facilitator and People & Culture/HR professional who has been living and working, often as a people manager, in seven different countries while having responsibility for many more countries.

His key values are honesty, love for others and himself, and non-violence. He is a strong intercultural communicator, a life-long learner and spends a considerable amount of time developing himself. He is passionate about working with humans in international environments to grow together and to also have fun; he fosters diversity, equity and inclusion. Andreas strives to make sustainable impact and builds trusted and long-lasting relationships.

His coaching approach is asking open questions and effectively listening to his counterpart(s), he expresses his curiosity in learning more and adapts to different teams, individuals and environments.

Andreas is a proud and grateful father of four children and has successfully finished three marathons. He has been an ambassador for people with disabilities and regularly donates his blood.

Languages: English, German and Italian

Andreas Zink

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