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Aileen Gleeson

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: BSc, MSc Business and Executive Coaching, Accredited Executive Coach, Team Coach and Group Coach, Psychometrics and Team Diagnostics

Aileen is an experienced Coach, Consultant and Facilitator.

She marries her deep business experience (25+ years) with her coaching skills to help enable lasting change for individuals, teams, groups and the wider organisational system. Prior to focusing on coaching/consulting, she worked in operations for Microsoft (IRL) and as a management consultant. Aileen has experience leading global teams and has worked in many geographies as a consultant (UK, FR, GER, Switz., NL, NO, SW, Ukraine). She works through English and German. Her coaching approach is grounded in psychological principles, and she effectively creates a safe space for her clients to explore and challenge themselves. She blends creative approaches with a keen focus on outcomes.

What makes her laugh? Everything and anything, and her speciality is ‘laugh-crying’ when it is just too funny!

Aileen Gleeson

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