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Reflective Practice for Leaders

An 8 week interactive, virtual community for leader

Reflect to lead

The Reflective Practice for Leaders Community Programme is an innovative, flexible way to add real value to the development of leaders in your organisation. Leaders can join an open programme or you can commission an in-house programme and gain the benefits of a shared experience aligned to the needs of your organisation.


Short weekly workshops facilitated to maximise interaction and support real world application combine with a rich package of curated resources to deliver a development experience with impact.



The Programme is designed to address the why and how of reflection and to support participants to deepen their current reflective practice. There are many paths to reflection and this programme will help participants find the path that suits them best. They will find challenge and support in this unique community of leaders exploring the power of reflection.

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Programme Outline

  • Opening workshop: the why and how of reflection for leaders

  • Weekly Reflection Circles: guided reflection and exploring new practices

  • #Reflect2lead Toolkit

  • Curated resources and Community Forum

The programme can be delivered online, in person or as a hybrid.

Creating leaders who reflect

Leadership development occurs as people go through the ups and downs of challenging, developmental experiences on the job. But people do not automatically learn from experience.


An experience can have all of the ingredients for leadership development:  complexity, novelty, change, high-stakes 

responsibilities, interpersonal and cultural diversity, but still the person can come away from it with no lessons learned or even the wrong lessons.


To maximize the developmental value of any experience, individuals must purposefully reflect before, during and after their experiences. So building the capability of your people to behave as a ‘reflective leaders’ is the best investment in leadership development an organisation can make.

Why join the Community?


You’ll enjoy the support and challenge of a group of like minded leaders and professionals all eager to do more reflection, do it more deeply and follow through more effectively. In this Community you’ll explore what works for you and how it can be woven flexibly into your busy life. Broaden your repertoire of reflective practices to:

  • Learn deeply from experience

  • Sharpen your self awareness and build self confidence

  • Make sense of complexity and context

  • Gain new perspectives on your leadership challenges

  • Broaden your options for action


Reflective Practice isn’t just navel gazing or daydreaming. It’s a deliberate, purposeful and action oriented way of growing as a leader.

The Programme

Week 1: Opening Workshop


A facilitated 90 min session focused on the  evidence about reflection, what works and why, what gets in the way and how to take your leadership to the next level through deeper, more regular reflection.


Weeks 2-7: Community Reflection Circles


We meet weekly online as a Community for 50 mins. Each meeting provides an opportunity for personal reflection through guided journaling, and a chance to share insights and progress with other Community members. In addition each week you’ll be introduced to a new tool to try for yourself to diversify your repertoire of reflective practices.



Week 8: Closing review


Taking stock of progress and planning next steps

#Reflect2Lead Toolbox

Participants in the programme have access to the Taylor Clarke Toolbox of Reflective Practices - a compendium of activities to take you to the next level with your reflective practice.

To find out more information please Contact Us

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