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Lyle English

Coaching Profile

Lyle's Pic.png

Professional Background

  • 25 years in banking in S Africa working in various banks. Experience in general commercial banking, investment consulting, business development, learning & development, sales management and, in later years, branch management.

  • During the past 23 years Lyle has worked as an Associate Facilitator, Consultant & Coach for various local and international training providers. He works across a wide spectrum of sectors, typically working with first-time Team Leaders through to Middle Managers & SLTs. He has worked in some 16 countries.

Coaching Experience

  • Lyle is passionate about helping managers become confident leaders and has been coaching various levels of management. He works with newly appointed managers, managers of managers and senior managers either as part of an organisation’s management development programme or in specific sites with the leadership team.

  • He provides coaching to help managers better understand their role as a leader, build better engaged teams, deal with day-to-day leadership challenges, clarify future career opportunities and being more self-aware.

  • Best successes as a Coach:

    1. 41-year-old graduate in a senior position in financial services disillusioned with current career. After 5 sessions had developed a plan to start up her own business as a result, she feels she has more purpose in her life and business now very successful

    2. First time Team Leader in food manufacturing sector at a loss to know how to build a high performing team. After 6 sessions had developed a strategy to confidently build a strong team which became highly successful.

    3. Member of SLT in an international high-tech company at a career crossroads due to significant changes within the organisation. After 3 sessions developed a fresh career plan. Now in a C-level position.


3 words that have been used to describe Lyle as a Coach

  • Inspiring

  • Professional

  • Approachable

Training and Qualifications Relevant to Coaching

  • Certified Training Professional

  • Associate Certified Coach – Accredited through International Coaching Federation [ICF]

  • Has coached in excess of 500 managers globally

Comments from Lyle’s Coachees

  • Working with Lyle has made a huge impact on both my professional and personal life. He has provoked and supported me in unlocking my potential which has been of great benefit and an extremely positive experience. He has helped me identify my goals and objective what is important and what is missing and where to focus. Lyle has deep knowledge of coaching and applies a wide range of skills and techniques that have helped me achieve real world tangible results.

  • I am very lucky to have worked with Lyle as a coaching client. Through his coaching ability and process, he has opened my eyes to possibilities that I could not perceive on my own, leading to accelerated growth and learning for me.

  • I have known Lyle and worked with him professionally for over six years in the field of leadership development. Lyle is one of the best facilitators and executive coaches. He has an excellent ability to work with middle and senior managers in a way that helps them progress to the next level of leadership.


Lyle’s Specialisms


  • Leadership skills development

  • Personal development

  • Career transition

  • Building confidence as a leader

  • Engaging with senior management

  • Addressing day-to-day leadership challenges

  • Building high performing teams

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