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Leading Virtual Teams

Leading a team at any time will always be a balancing act. Leading remote working teams has become the norm for many. How have you and your team adjusted? What new ways of working do you need to adopt to compensate for not being able to meet face to face?


  • Engaging one to one and team conversations

  • Enable healthy conflict and holding each other to account

  • Maintain productivity and outputs

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3 hour virtual workshop

Maximise the full potential of your remote working team

Engaging your people

Connecting and collaborating

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Empathy

  • Check ins / check outs

  • Virtual team meetings

  • Handling conflict

  • Team accountability

Delivering results

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Focus on outcomes

  • Learning together


Pre- reading/ videos

Interactive and practical workshop

Learning application



"Helpful to hear others' experiences"

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