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Leading to Deliver Results

3 hour interactive workshop for leaders

As the well known saying goes “it’s lonely at the top”.  During the pandemic leaders have come under even more pressure to continue to deliver results, keep their teams motivated and deal with the daily challenges of an ever changing and unpredictable environment. Today's strategic goal can quickly become out of date or unachievable due to the environment around us.

This facilitated workshop provides leaders with the forum to


  • Explore the key components critical to results focussed leadership

  • Learn from other leaders' experiences of what is and isn't working in the current climate

  • Take time to reflect on their unique circumstances and what they need to do differently 

leading to deliver results

Achieving results as a leader in today's fast changing climate

Balancing Act

  • Action centred Leadership

  • The task at hand

Goal Setting

  • Outcome, Performance & Process goals

  • Effects of Goal Setting

Performance Ready Teams & Individuals

  • Engagement v. Understanding

  • Triple P status reporting: ‘Progress, Plans, Problems’


Pre- reading

Interactive and practical workshop

Learning application

"Leadership Therapy!”




“Helpful to hear others’ experiences

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