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Leading People Through Transition

Programme for leaders over 3 modules

Change projects can fail to deliver intended benefits when leaders give inadequate attention to the emotional transition of the people involved. Change and transition differ. Change is external and transition involves internal emotional responses. A focus on supporting individual transition is a critical job for leaders in any organisational change.


Running in parallel to the change project implementation phases, this programme helps leaders to understand where people are in the journey of transition and gives leaders the conversational tools, skills and confidence to support and engage people to adapt.


Maximise engagement for successful change

Module 1

  • Letting go of losses

  • Listening

  • Hope & Fears conversations

  • 4Ps change messages

Module 2

  • Leaders checklist

  • Encouraging creativity

  • Giving control & short term direction

  • Difficult conversations

Module 3

  • Creating the future together

  • Clarifying vision and purpose

  • How we work together

  • Team goal setting & planning for success


Run in parallel with change project

3 x 4hr modules for leaders

Apply learning to real time change

”It isn’t the changes that will do you in; it’s the transitions”

  William Bridges




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