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Aligning Purpose, People and Performance to release Potential

What is leadership?

Let’s start by being clear about what leadership is not.  It’s not a job title, a position or a place on an organisation chart. Leadership is an act that can be carried out by anyone, anytime, anywhere.  We believe that everyone, in every team, in every organisation has the potential to ‘commit acts of leadership’.  The secret is making sure that leadership potential is released to the benefit of the individual, the team and the organisation.


Leadership isn’t a mystery, but it can seem mysterious

At its simplest, leadership is about the ability to influence others (without having to rely on authority or position) to give their best in order to achieve an objective.  We realise, of course, that in attempting to define leadership we may have caused you to say to yourself  “That’s not how I see it” – which is great – we’d love to have a conversation with you about leadership.  And it’s the very fact that it can be hard to define that can make leadership seem mysterious.  We will work with you to unravel any mystery that might surround how leadership is played out (or not) for you.

In today’s world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, you simply can’t afford not to solve the leadership mystery and release that potential.


Alignment is critical

Good things happen by chance, but better things happen by design.  Who said this?  Well, we did, because we truly believe that working to release your leadership potential takes planning, effort and a desire to do something different.  When we work with you we’ll help you to strip away the temptation to leave things to chance and show you how, by aligning three critical components, you can allow leadership to flourish and potential to be released.


The Taylor Clarke Leadership Framework

We’ve worked with many different organisations, hundreds of teams and thousands of people and now we have distilled everything we’ve learned into the Taylor Clarke Leadership Framework.

The framework is just what it says, a framework.  It’s designed to free up your thinking, not constrain it.  We want it to spark your ideas, not snuff them out.  And it will encourage your creativity, not lead to conformity.  In other words, the Taylor Clarke Leadership Framework will work for you.

And here it is…


You know your need

Who is better-placed than you to know what success looks like and what you want?  Our job is to listen and help you clarify what you need.   You know your business, your teams, your people – and you know the challenges you’re facing.  We’ll help you see them in a different way, but you’ll have an instinctive feel for what will work and what won’t – and we might just encourage you to try something new.

You and Taylor Clarke- a powerful combination


Why Taylor Clarke?

We think there are many reasons for you to work with us, but the main one is ‘We know our stuff’.  For more than three decades we’ve been helping organisations, teams and individuals to build sustainable leadership.  Our experience from different sectors allows us to add a huge variety of insights.  But we won’t impose – we’ll share our thinking and learning with you to generate a joint understanding of what will work for you. Our view is that when Purpose, People & Performance are aligned, Potential is released.  We’d love to hear your view?


Bespoke for you

Based on the Taylor Clarke Leadership Framework…

We’ll work with you to agree what Purpose means for you.

We’ll help you to understand what getting the best from your People looks like for you.

And we’ll support you in finding the right ways to measure Performance for you.



For more information about how we might be able to help you and your organisation please Contact Us here.

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