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Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching


We provide executive coaching to senior leaders in a wide range of industries and sizes of organisations. All our coaches are qualified business professional coaches, and have extensive personal, organisational, consultancy and leadership experience. We have 40+ quality assured Executive Coaches operating throughout the UK & Ireland.


What is Coaching?


Coaching is the focused application of skills that deliver performance improvement to the individual's work in their organisation, through robust support and challenge. The coaching process should yield learning and personal development for the executive and help them contribute more of their potential. ́

- Professor Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith, 2006


Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. ́

- ICF Definition (International Coaching Federation)


Areas of Executive Coaching


Our executive coaches have wide expertise to draw upon, when coaching leaders. Example topics include:

  • Identity as a leader

  • Presence and impact as a leader

  • Building so-called softer skills such as: listening, building relationships, influencing, Legacy, Dealing with conflict and difficulties in relationships (peer, direct report and upwards)

  • Leading change

  • Managing change & personal resilience

  • Dealing with uncertainty

  • Strategy development &engagement

  • Career coaching

  • Leading in a virtual environment

  • Wellbeing

Our Standard Approach

Our standard approach typically involves a chemistry meeting or call to answer any questions the coachee may have about the prospective coaching assignment, and to ensure that there is a good fit between coach & coachee. This would be followed by an objective setting session which may involve the coachee's manager and or the commissioning person, often an HR representative although, for very senior people, this may only involve the coachee. It may be felt that some diagnostic work is required, and this is agreed with the coachee and the commissioning person. This can include 360 degree feedback and psychometrics. However, it is often the case that the coaching proceeds after the goals have been set and this session forms the first of normally 6 two-hour sessions over 6-month period. Sometimes the nature of the presenting issues demands a shorter timescale, and we are happy to accommodate whatever is the most appropriate. We do feel however that after the initial set of sessions that coaching should not continue without re-contracting, so we do advise that no more than a maximum of 6 sessions are contracted for in one agreement so that any more sessions are only entered into after there has been some assessment of the efficacy of the first assignment and the goals of any further coaching agreed. 

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