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Gillian Frame

Coaching Profile

Gillian Frame.jpg

Professional Background

  • Experienced business leader, HR professional, coach and facilitator who helps individual leaders and groups to amplify their natural strengths as well as transform limitations or barriers to achieve personal, professional and business success.

  • She has over 25 year’s experience in people and HR management, leadership development and coaching developed within consulting, financial service, retail and customer service industries, as well as within not-for-profit and the public sector.

  • Prior to joining the consulting world, she held several senior HR and Leadership Development roles within BSkyB, and Lloyds TSB.



Coaching Experience

  • Gillian is a senior executive coach and facilitator and an expert in leadership transitions. Gillian has an extensive and diverse background in helping individuals and teams – from the manager level to C-Suite – to amplify their natural strengths and overcome barriers to achieve personal, professional, and business success. She has done organizational and individual development work in numerous countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

  • Gillian is passionate about helping individuals to explore their potential and to find ways to feel wholly engaged with where they choose to spend their energy.  Simply put, her definition of coaching is “helping her client to find out what works and ways to do more of it, and/or to stop doing what doesn’t work and to find ways to do something else”.

  • She has a strong belief that ‘context is king’ and that genuine curiosity helps us to explore reality and the often unquestioned perspectives that we hold to be true. Her first steps are to explore, listen and challenge these perspectives before agreeing what future success looks like and how it will be measured. Often using a stakeholder centred approach, she enables and encourages leaders to lead and behave more effectively through positive behaviour change that is sustained, recognised and acknowledged by others.


3 words that have been used to describe Gillian as a Coach

  • Warm

  • Insightful

  • Action-oriented


Training and Qualifications Relevant to Coaching

  • Professionally qualified coach (AOEC)

  • Associate member of the Association for Coaching

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

  • Systemic Team Coaching certified

  • Level A/B qualified

  • Hogan suite accredited

  • Gallup Strengths Finder accredited and certified

  • FEBI certified

  • Qualified Mental Health First Aider

  • Thinking Partner (Nancy Kline’s Time to Think)


Comments from Gillian’s Coachees


  • I worked with Gillian and was immediately impressed by her ability to quickly draw out the critical aspects of what you wanted to achieve. I was even more impressed at the range of her insight and the tools she brought to the table to help structure and bring focus on helping making it happen.”

  • “Gillian’s skill enables you to deal with very uncomfortable situations that, left to one’s own insufficient devices, you would probably have walked away from.”

  • “I met Gillian through the Coaching for NHS staff program that was launched at the beginning of COVID19 pandemic. I am consultant intensivist in a very busy intensive care department in central London. Gillian has been extremely flexible with my hospital agenda. The relationship with Gillian and the goals for our coaching sessions were very easy to establish. Thanks to Gillian's tools and experience, she has helped me to reflect on my career pathway, my perceptions and to name my future career goals in a clear and directed manner that truly resonates with my personality. I feel more empowered to make the right choices for me. It has also helped me identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities around me. The hindsight has been key to embrace this period of professional challenges, uncertainty and personal growth”

  • “I embarked on a coaching programme with Gillian to support me during a transition into a Leadership role. Gillian provided me with a ‘safe’ haven from which to explore the challenges of my new role and gave objective and insightful support which enabled me to ‘step up’ with confidence. As a direct result of my coaching programme I now realise my key strengths as a Leader and contributor to my business and have switched my mindset to focus on continually improving these strengths rather than hone in on my development areas. This realisation has been extremely liberating and has certainly impacted my performance in a positive way! “

Gillian’s Specialisms


  • Leadership transitions

  • Supporting leaders to develop their own leadership style and voice

  • A thinking partner for leaders at all levels

  • Change Management

  • Confidence building

  • Supporting leaders to have the impact they intend

To get in touch with Gillian please contact us

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