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Coaching Supervison

Taylor Clarke has a long history in providing supervision for coaches. Undertaking regular supervision is essential professional practice as an executive coach. It enables you to reflect on your practice with the support of an experienced coach supervisor and continue your executive coach development journey.

Our coaching supervisors are accredited by an appropriate Coaching Supervision body. Our Coaching Supervisors are also accredited Executive Coaches.

Supervision sessions can be one-to-one or in small groups.

Meet our coach supervisors

Wendy Robinson.jpg

Wendy Robinson

John Johnstone - Photograph 2023.jpg

John Johnstone

mairi 2021.jpg

Mairi Maclean

Gwynneth Rees Kenny

Gwynneth Rees-Kenny

Our approach to coaching supervision

Contracting & Building the Relationship

  • The foundation for a supervisory relationship

  • Business contract e.g. How often & when to meet; 1-1 or group etc.

  • Supervision Goals – the wider organisational picture in which coaching supervision is taking place

  • Multi-handed contract (e.g. Nature of thematic feedback to internal Head of Coaching)

  • Listening & questioning

Mutual Exploration & Transparency

Facilitating Change

  • Listening & questioning to fully explore & refine individual coaches’ Goals of supervision (including e.g. progress towards accreditation as a coach)

  • Clarity on Supervision Approach, and how this will work in practice, and be reviewed to ensure fit-for-purpose

  • Feedback (Supervisor=Supervisee)

  • Clarify on what to do differently/creative approaches

  • Trying out new things

  • Coach self-assesses impact

  • Feedback (Supervisor=Supervisee)

  • Review success / adapt approach accordingly

  • Consolidate changes


  • Evaluation of Impact & Success of Supervision

  • Feedback (Coach=Coachee & others)

  • Next steps

Typically one hour of Supervision for every 15 coaching hours, although tailored to individual and organisational needs.

Want to find out more about Taylor Clarke's coaching supervision?

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