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Coaching Conversations 

We have began to adapt our lives to COVID 19.  People have been affected, in so many ways, not least in the world of work.  Adapting to online working and supporting colleagues and staff through difficult times are just some of the challenges that have presented.


As we move out of lockdown, there will be new challenges and opportunities and, as always, great communication will be of paramount importance. A coaching approach, or non-directive style, helps you lead and manage people and build relationships that are engaging, empowering and fair.  Managers who have coaching conversations nurture the abilities and confidence in their teams to solve issues and develop and thrive.  The approach also helps to foster effective relationships with internal and external customers and promotes respect in the workplace.


The workshop is scheduled over two days with time between each session to apply your learning back in your organisation.


Who is it suitable for?


The course is especially suitable if you manage people, although also suits those who work with stakeholders and partners. It will give you time to reflect and review your management style and introduce you to skills and techniques and have even more productive and effective relationships at work.


What will I learn?


By the end of this course, you will:


  • Further develop your self-awareness and strengths through the lens of emotional intelligence

  • Learn about coaching: what it is, what makes a coaching leader, what creates a coaching environment

  • Refresh your communication skills: listening and questioning

  • Understand your preference on the coaching spectrum and how to flex your style

  • Learn and practice a model of coaching

  • Revisit feedback and courageous conversations using a coaching approach

  • Learn how to create a coaching culture in your organisation


What will the course cover?


Coaching Core Skills

  • What is coaching

  • Listening and Questioning

  • Emotional Intelligence


Coaching Mindset and model

  • Coaching mindset

  • Learn & practice two coaching models


Coaching Feedback

  • Principles of good feedback

  • Feedback in a coaching context


Coaching Culture

  • How coaching benefits teams & organisations

  • Embedding coaching as a habit


This is a live, virtual programme that will take place on Zoom. It is open to participants from any organisation. You will be send your Zoom invite in the week before the event.

Coaching conversations program
Mairi Maclean

Delivered by Mairi Maclean

Mairi is an experienced learning and development consultant and accredited coach.  Her specialist interest is helping individuals and teams to understand themselves and others with a view to building effective work based relationships where performance flourishes.  She believes that using the coaching approaches enable all staff to have great conversations at work and build collaborative working alliances.  This in turn can lead to positive work environments.

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