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With 30 years’ experience in coaching, from Executive Coaching and creating a Coaching Culture to Training Coaches and supporting the development of internal coaches, Taylor Clarke offers a full suite of coaching services that helps release the potential in organisations. 

Whether you want coaching for yourself or want to develop as a coach, or you want to explore how coaching can change your organisation’s culture and effectiveness, we have a programme to suit.


Coach+ indicates that you get so much more than just coaching from us at Taylor Clarke.  As an organisational effectiveness consultancy, all our coaches are also consultants.  They are experienced managers themselves and are consulting on Leadership Development, Culture Change, Change Management, Teams, Resilience and many other areas. 


We bring real organisational understanding and experience to both our coaching and the development and support we offer coaches.

Please explore our offerings below and do contact us if you would like to discuss any offerings.

Support Group

Coaching for all

We believe that coaching should be available to everyone at work. The advent of Digital Coaching, where coachees can access short sharp affordable coaching sessions on-line has allowed us to take the administration headache of arranging coaching sessions on to our coaching platform.  We have developed a style of coaching that particularly suits those for whom organisations would not normally provide coaching and the use of our platform or other on-line provision of coaching makes it much more efficient for coach and coachee.  As we are capturing data through the coaching platform which organises the sessions, we are able to give organisations insight into how the coaching is working, what issues are arising that may have wider organisational implications and in the moment knowledge of what stage each coaching relationship is at.

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Executive Coaching

We have been providing executive coaching for leaders in organisations for more than 30 years.  Most of our coaches have been trained in coaching by ourselves and we have a rigorous quality control process.  However with Coach+ we bring so much more to the coaching assignments. All our coaches are experienced managers and bring a wealth of organisational experience to their coaching.  We also insist that our coaches also consult in other organisational areas so that they really understand your context but also genuinely add value through their understanding of leadership, culture, strategy, change management, teams, resilience, etc.  Please have a browse of the profiles of our coaches to get a feel for their expertise, experience, qualifications and specialisms. 

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Coach Training

Taylor Clarke offers an ILM Level 7 Certificate and Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches. More than 127 coaches have participated in these programmes so far and many of the 17 cohorts have formed active support groups.

Supporting Coaches

We are committed to supporting coaches beyond their qualification. We offer CPD opportunities, coaching supervision and access to our coaching platform to help coaches manage good practice.

Coaching conversations program

Management of Coaching

By using our bespoke coaching platform we are able to give you access to a coaching dashboard to show progress in real time. We provide regular reports on coaching progress to organisations and can analyse specific themes from coaching sessions.

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Would you like to have a conversation about one or multiple of Taylor Clarke's Coach+ offerings? If so please Contact Us

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