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Building Personal Resilience

3 hour virtual workshop

A starting point to cope with the stresses and challenges we’re living through is to taking time out to build our own resilience plan. This interactive workshop offers facilitator and peer support to strengthen personal resilience attitudes, behaviours and actions for taking control and reaching out to others.


  • Supportive peer conversations

  • Learning and working with live issues using the Taylor Clarke 'Building Your Resilience' toolkit

Building personal resilience

Reflection on current live issues to build skills for resilience

Resilience Model

Toolkit for handing stressors

  • ME: Self assessment

  • Identify resilience strengths & where to focus

  • IT:  Stressors & their impact

  • Changing mindsets

  • Taking control & action

Support networks

  • OTHERS: who can help?

  • Reaching out


Self assessment pre-work

Work on live issues with toolkit

Action planning


"Personal space for reflection"




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