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Presence & Impact

For women in a senior management, leadership or professional advisor roles, this workshop is about:

  • Deepening your self-awareness of your 'presence' as a female leader; who you are and how you come across to others

  • Gaining confidence and self-belief to create the impact you want

  • Developing a greater ability to take up your leadership role in an authentic way

  • Achieving your professional goals through a greater ability to positively influence those you work with

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Confidence building techniques to apply immediately

Leadership Styles

Presence & Confidence

Language & Power

Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Power of Passion

Exploring the archetypal ways women lead

Understanding what presence is and how you show up

Examining your use of language & your habitual responses

Reframing self beliefs that are holding you back

Communicating with impact; practice and feedback


Interactive with breakout groups

2 virtual sessions

Peer support & feedback

“The event gave me much needed confidence and energy” Assistant Director, Charity sector

 "I would recommend this course to any female leader”  Director of Marketing

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