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Paul Roe

Coaching Profile

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Career overview

Paul's career has been distinguished by high achievement & excellence in the fields of education, coaching & performance. His career profile is broad based with ongoing commitments in coaching, mentoring, lecturing and performance. He is a performer (Clarinet) of international repute and has played throughout Europe, Asia and North America in an outstanding career of more than 35 years.


Formerly a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland he now manages a highly successful international career focused on coaching, education and performance.


He is a Professor of Music (part-time) at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Lecturer () at the Technical University of Dublin along with maintaining a very successful coaching practice with clients from across the globe. As a coach in the education sector he has worked with 35 school principals and 10 school management teams.


Coaching Experience

Coaching for more than 10 years with 1200 hours of coaching logged.


My coaching practice is built on a lifetime in education. Studying at University College Dublin (English, Music & Philosophy), University of Limerick (Masters of Arts) and the University of York (Ph.D. in Collaborative Practice). Now in my late 50’s my appetite for learning and growth is undiminished.


I am extremely passionate about coaching; and am acutely aware of the challenges leaders face today in this age of complexity, with increased workloads and time pressures. As a developmental coach working also as a lecturer and an international performer (, I understand the demands and stresses involved in producing high-quality work in a range of environments. My clients include leaders in education, arts, science and health.


I approach coaching as a compassionate, empathic, and deeply respectful conversation. I work with clients to create a meaningful and empowering space to explore a broad range of interconnected issues related to work and personal life. A happy life is one that is balanced and integrated combining personal satisfaction and a healthy work ethos



3 words that have been used to describe Paul as a Coach


  • Inspiring

  • Encouraging

  • Calm


Paul’s Specialisms


  • Co-Creativity & Collaboration

  • Presence-based leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Performance Practice-Mindfulness

  • Neuroscience and Consciousness

  • Arts & Education expertise (40 years involved in high-level Pedagogy and Performance including Doctoral Supervision)

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